Did you know that Chihuahuas are considered by experts to be the 10th most popular dog in the United States? The Deer Chihuahua is a larger breed and are also called Deer Head Chihuahuas because they have a longer muzzle, resembling a deer. The Deer Chihuahua is also considered by many to be more well rounded, living a longer life than other Chihuahua breeds.

No matter what the breed, most Chihuahuas like their personal space and you will soon discover that they are very territorial. Chihuahuas love to jump and are very good at walking on their hind legs. Chihuahuas are known to jump about two feet high while standing still! They love hanging out in the kitchen while you’re cooking.

If you live in a cold weather state you will need to buy your Chihuahua warm sweaters and lots of blankets because they get cold easily. The short haired Toy Chihuahua has a bony frame and doesn’t retain heat very well at all. Before buying a Chihuahua, do a little research and learn as much about the dog’s personality and background as possible.

deer chihuahua