Deer Chihuahua Info

The Deer Chihuahua is the largest of the Chihuahua breed, the legs can be as high as the dogs overall length. The Deer Chihuahua is known to weigh as much as eighteen to twenty two pounds and usually lives a longer life than many dog breeds.

If you are thinking about making a Chihuahua your family pet here are a few things to consider first. As you may know Chihuahuas have become very popular in recent years among celebrities and movie makers.

The first thing you will discover about your new pet Chihuahua is that they demand more attention than many other breeds. They like to play and be held often. They do not take well to being shut up in a room, all alone, for a long period of time. They are very sociable and dislike being by themselves.

Children tend to take away much of a Chihuahua attention which they do not like much because they compete with them for attention. Deer Chihuahuas make noise but they don’t like to hear a lot of noise themselves.

Some Chihuahuas can become irritated with your children and be a threat to bite them. Chihuahuas get used to their surroundings and often require time to adjust to a new home. Chihuahuas really prefer to be the main center of interest in the home and usually don’t like to share their attention with other pets or children.

Chihuahuas love to run and enjoy the back yard for exercise. Just be alert and watch out for large birds and raccoons. Pay closer attention to the smaller Chihuahua breeds that weigh under six pounds. Many experts write that Deer Chihuahuas and other breed of Chihuahuas are not good travelers but I have not found that to be the case.

The bottom line is this…Chihuahuas are smart and really good company. Their loyal, loving and are very easy to house break and teach tricks to. There may be a few negatives about owning a Chihuahua but overall they are really cool dogs.


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