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namiquipa,elterrero,chihuahua,mexico. [...]
My dad caught this on his cell phone of my dog either defending the yard or playing with this mother [...]
Our Deer Chihuahua loves to play rough, she will nip and bite my hand while we play. [...]
My dog Sebastian doing all the tricks we taught him. [...]
When Roxy (big black puppy) gets very curious about the kittens, Charlie, the chihuahua, gets in bet [...]
A four year old Chihuahua mix, Amalie, terrorizes eight year old mastiff Harley and dominates the re [...]
Macho, my Deer Head Chihuahua. [...]
via YouTube Capture. [...]
Lucy's bite is as big as her bark. [...]
Meet My 3 Deer head Chihuahua Co-Workers. [...]
Chihuahua and Deer. [...]