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Paffy want skating for the first time with her new boots but disturved by Yoda the Frenchbull! haha. [...]
Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early mornin [...]
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My chihuahua, Fancy, chases the deer away! She has the heart of a lion. [...]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
Piper bullying Sweetpea my Poodle. Piper is a Deer Chihuahua. :)WILDFLOWER(: [...]
Live action of Red Deerhead Chihuahua Family. "Bailey" mom is 2 yr old with deer-like legs, radar-di [...]
small chihuahua big attitude... [...]
Our new Christmas deer chihuahua. She's adorable!! [...]
Sondra, an attractive weight loss doctor in her 30's, looks down on people she feels are not at her [...]