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Brody is a 2 year old Long Coat Chihuahua of the Deer Chihuahua style. He is a sweet and fun boy who [...]
Jade thinks I'm getting into her bag of treats. [...]
My chihuahua gave birth to 6 pups on August 7th 2013. One was still born but the rest 5 of them are [...]
Chihuahua Bramerita Love Song schonk op 6 januari 2011 het leven aan vijf Chihuahua pups. Presley, P [...]
tonight (11/4/09) there was a deer poking around our backyard so we too our chihuahua out to meet hi [...]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
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Ayla giving Millie a kiss and cuddle. [...]
Accident Monster Truck Aero Show Chihuahua 2013 Mexico At least 8 people died. [...]
Jaxon and Phoebe both needed baths so we decided to see if they could swim too! Taken on August 24th [...]