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Yea, ignore the annoying voice. I was just trying to get him to sing. [...]
Notre Sweety la maman et Filou le papa nous ont donné deux petits mâles... [...]
This is Hatteras (the famous Chihuahua) starting agility. This is one of his first lessons. HattyCak [...]
I was testing the video quality of my Nikon D5100. This video is my old dog Paco the Chihuahua. He's [...]
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Del 21 al 25 de octubre la Ciudad de Durango fue sede del XIX Encuentro Nacional de Arte y Cultura d [...]
Papi is back, and he's ready to party! From the studio that brought you Beverly Hills Chihuahua -- y [...]
The Sacramento SPCA was busy nursing Nellie, a 13 ounce tea cup Chihuahua, back to health after she [...]
Our deer chihuahua has a weird growl. [...]