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sweet Nala is 5 years old. [...]
My 12 week old chihuahua puppy playing with my friends 5 year old Boston Terrier. [...]
She is tiny 3 lbs full grown, less than a year old, pee pad trained, so sweet! visit [...]
This is my chihuahua telling me about his day. He speaks very well, for a dog. He does this every ev [...] [...]
A cute little Deer Chihuahua nesting in comfort! So I thought I could share it with most of the worl [...]
Play time gets a little personal but "The Face" settles it in the end. She is one tough cookie. I sw [...]
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
Our deer chihuahua, Luna, running around at the beach. This was her third time seeing the sand. Gues [...]
Dogs with strange obsessions, from shadows and shiny surfaces to anything with wheels are Cesar's ch [...]
Marley is a 4 year old Chizer. Pearl is a 5 year old Deer Chihuahua. Lucky is a old lab mix we found [...]