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My dog Goldo get aggravated every time i try to put my hands under the covers, lol so he tries his b [...]
the music in the background was a game my brother was playing. [...]
My dog Buddy, a deer chihuahua, understands my words! I said, "Hey Buddy, we're gonna go see Mommie, [...]
My Deer Legged Chihuahua "Sparky" loves playing ball no matter what obstacle. [...]
Me introducing Sarah and me. [...]
Our dogs playing together. One is a bichon-chihuahua mix and the other is a deer chihuahua. [...]
Meet Our long hair deer head chihuahua "Madison" raising the roof off the house. [...]
Dog vs kittens and mother cat. Skyler is a crazy dog, he was 4 back then, now he's almost turning 6 [...]
Oliver is a 9 month old Deer Head Chihuahua. He started howling at 4 months old. [...]
Deer Head Chihuahua's waiting for daddy to come home. [...]