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A apple headed chihuahua puppy we had to nurse back to health before we gave it to my grandma. It ha [...]
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Us playing with our new chihuahua puppy. When he barks he kinda sounds like a duck quacking. [...]
Video Captado en la Sierra de Chihuahua [Tags] Chihuahua, narco, sierra, samachique, cartel de juare [...]
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The Peninsula Humane Society is looking for the person who shot and effectively killed a Chihuahua d [...]
Announcing Lolly and Willie's new litter of AKC Chihuahua puppies. There are 4 girls. They are 3 wee [...] 0530 781 11 53 FCİ SECERELİ- KIF KAYİTLILAR ŞİVAVA YAVRULARIMIZ- SAFKAN, [...]
Caring for Chihuahua dogs requires feeding them, brushing them once a month and keeping them warm in [...]
My chihuahua Brutus singing happy birthday [...]