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Ayla giving Millie a kiss and cuddle. [...]
Accident Monster Truck Aero Show Chihuahua 2013 Mexico At least 8 people died. [...]
Jaxon and Phoebe both needed baths so we decided to see if they could swim too! Taken on August 24th [...]
More on the Chihuahua: [...]
Just a quick video of my chihuahua and how aggressive she can be! Beware, you wouldn't want to mess [...]
chihuahua deer head 6 months old. [...]
You're doctor will tell you to 'never put anything in your ears larger than your elbow' (to clean th [...]
My baby Yoko, shes a deer chihuahua. [...]
I was at my friend's house. Her aunt has geese...and a Chihuahua followed us. One thing led to anoth [...]
Chihuahuas save owners from deer. [...]
Here we are training at the Orlando Dog training center. Hope we don't look as bad as I think we do. [...]