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Day In The Life Of An Apple Head Chihuahua! What Does Tiny Da Rat Do All Day?. Hilarious Chihuahua L [...]
Izzy Black Apple - chihuahua pelo longo fêmea - com 3 meses e meio [...]
My chihuahua Apple [...]
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Cutest Big Apple Head Chihuahua [...]
Three out of four of my kids theres also a shadow and lilman and bb and bird the last 2 are parrots. [...]
A apple headed chihuahua puppy we had to nurse back to health before we gave it to my grandma. It ha [...]
I thought they were so cute playing but I guess they heard us talking about breeding them cause Aust [...]
Created on August 16, 2010 using flipshare. [...]
Here is our rescue , he is being rehabilitated and getting ready for his new home , call us for more [...]
Hi Yuppy Chihuahua Lovers, Visit: www.appleheadchihuahua.com Here's the little clothing and dog toys [...]
Welcome to my channel If your newbies :) The pigs and hams say hi !! :) Thank you so much for watchi [...]