[Bull] Videos

Emmitt the Chihuahua and Cuda the Pit Bull Play [...]
Chihuahua shows Pit bull who is boss [...]
THE world’s biggest pitbull has struck up a bizarre friendship with a tiny chihuahua more than thi [...]
Chihuahua vs bull terrier 2Need new shirts ? http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts ? http://ahshirts.co [...]
Pit Bull v Chihuahua [...]
Bull Terrier pups 5 weeks and Chihuahua 6 months playing [...]
Pit bull and Chihuahua Mix Breed, Our Little Girl! [...]
Pit bull vs Chihuahua [...]
Athéna la chichi mini Pit Bull contre son frère Apollon le nounours d'amour mais attention, il ne [...]