[Chihuahua] Videos

Chihuahua after FHO surgery - Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease [1] [...]
Teddy Boy my chihuahua talking to me [...]
1940s Found 8mm Film - A Chihuahua With His Easter Bonnet On [...]
An adorable two-year-old chihuahua eats a strawberry in the cutest possible way at home in the Ginza [...]
chihuahua de l'élevage : www.desherculesdefontbouillant.com [...]
【チワワのくーのお宅訪問】共生の過程11  Koo's visit homes of Chihuahua [...]
How the movie rocky would have been if it had chihuahuas playing the parts of the boxers [...]
Watch a super cute Chihuahua perform a Salsa dance in this funny video. 2013 [...]
Sweet BOSTON TERRIER vs. Exorcist CHIHUAHUA! ~ wait for it ... (Original) [...]