[Chihuahua] Videos

Track 04 from Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 2: Mambo Fever. [...]
Chihuahua wolf howl. [...]
Pepe the Chihuahua is beating canine liver disease with the help of Pet NutriSystems. Watch Pepe giv [...]
http://www.pottytrainingachihuahuapuppy.com Chihuahua Potty Training - How to Potty Train a Chihuahu [...]
Learn how to train a Chihuahua here: http://obedient-dog.net/dog-breeds/chihuahua-training-secrets.h [...]
6 weeks old pup . 1st training of stairs. [...]
Chihuahua Pups at Play in kennel. [...]
Watching you Deer Head Chihuahua Style! [...]
The kids and I went for a walk down our side yard dirt field and our little white frollicing dog dec [...]
Nasty crazy chihuahua, my dog hates when you touch him while he is eating heres my other video http: [...]
accidente aeroshow chihuahua 2013 accidente en extremo aeroshow accidente monster truck chihuahua,mu [...]
Playful puppy days - Today Maggie (195 lbs, 6 years old) & The Dude (3 lbs, 2 years) Video was t [...]