[Chihuahua] Videos

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. [...]
Is Tommy an Apple or deer head Chihuahua? [...]
LIoN DoG CauGhT On ViDeO ViCiOuSLy OuT-MaNuErViNg HeR PReDeCeSSoR, ThE REiNDeeR ChiHuAhUa. [...]
The Chihuahua Deer is back, and getting it's head kicked off, yet again. Only this time, it's a punt [...]
Available 2/6, he's a young 1 year old pup. Sweet little boy. [...]
My Chihuahua "Mojo" is fearless!!!:o) [...]
This is a video of my chihuahua named Whiskey eating/playing with a deer antler from doggyloot. [...]
La Gente Nueva De Parral, Chihuahua. Grupo Calibre Prohibido...Agregen Y Descargen: http://www.faceb [...]
una pequeña reseña tragedia aeroshow chihuahua 2013 tragedia aeroshow chihuahua 2013 tragedia aero [...]