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Chihuahua Zoey having puppies [...]
15 Hilarious Easter Mishaps That Will Leave You Breathless Adorable Pot Belly Pig Birthday Party Ado [...]
Chinchillas and Chihuahua having a good time [...]
chihuahua having a park day [...]
Cute Chihuahua X Jack Russell having a head scratch [...]
Pregnant chihuahua before having 6 puppy [...]
Roxy, the boxer, and Izzy, the chihuahua are having a fun time playing together. [...]
My boy Bruce expressing the look of relief as he has his morning wee! [...]
Our "dear" dog, 3 months old, having supper. [...]
Chihuahua faints after having sex with dog. The dog didnt die. Pretty funny LMAO. [...]
Walking Suki, my 2yr old chihuahua, days before having 6 puppy. 10 hours labor and no "C", no vet. a [...]