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Chihuahua puppies first day home from the animal shelter and they meet our Maltese dogs. [...]
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Chihuahua Hilma tuli kotiin, chihu came home [...]
15 Hilarious Easter Mishaps That Will Leave You Breathless Adorable Pot Belly Pig Birthday Party Ado [...]
Welcome Home Suki! My New White Chihuahua Puppy [...]
Growling Chihuahua "Don't Touch My Meat" & Showing herTeeth Funny Home Video [...]
Long Legged Sweet Pea a Deer Chihuahua Looking For a Home! [...]
Chihuahua Panini's First Day home [...]
Chihuahua mama and her 2 puppies looking for their forever home ADOPT [...]
Deer Head Chihuahua's waiting for daddy to come home. [...]