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A pit bull named Jonie is being hailed as a hero for saving Chachi, an injured Chihuahua. Jonie was [...]
Web Page: http://goodbadman.com/ Accidente Monster Truck en Aeroshow De Chihuahua TERCER VIDEO-Later [...]
When animal control officers found a pit bull mix, Jonie, carrying its injured chihuahua friend, Cha [...]
About a week ago, Joanie the pit bull was discovered carrying an injured little friend -- Chachi the [...]
Monster Truck Crash KILLS 9 and 79 injured In Chihuahua, Mexico. Monster Truck Crash KILLS 9 and 79 [...]
Monster Truck Hits Crowd at Air Show in Chihuahua, Mexico; 13 Dead, 70 Injured Monster Truck Hits Cr [...]