[Meets] Videos

This is the moment a chihuahua reacts to meeting its owner’s newborn baby for the first time. The [...]
Chihuahua pup meets BC pups part 2.mpgNeed new shirts, get it at http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts [...]
Apple Head Chihuahua On A CORD Meets A tiny Female Poodle While visiting a camera shop, Female Pitbu [...]
Coco the chihuahua meets kitten for first time best of friends [...]
Teacup Pig meets Chihuahua SO CUTE! [...]
Chihuahua Puppy Meets the Basset Hounds. So Cute! [...]
Straight out of Disney. This family gets nervous when their dogs find a deer at the yard and realize [...]
German Shepard Lab Mix Meets Cute little Chihuahua Puppy [...]
Milo the Chihuahua Meets His Baby Sister [...]
Andy is a 13 pound, 11 week old terrier mix meeting Little Joe, a 9 week old, 2 pound chihuahua. And [...]
Brutus Maximus Rottweiler meeting baby Chihuahua. The baby loves him and starts to flirt. [...]