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Chihuahua Puppies play hide and seek (in HD) [...]
Poor Cocoa. She is very tired and just wants to rest her head on her sister and go to sleep. [...]
Three Chihuahua puppies share two bones. [...]
Three Chihuahua puppies react to our Maltese dog Muffin. Little Cocoa barks at Muffin. [...]
Chihuahua puppies play on steps [...]
Three Chihuahua puppies react to our Maltese dog William . [...]
Chihuahua puppies play with toys. [...]
Chihuahua puppies first day home from the animal shelter and they meet our Maltese dogs. [...]
Chihuahua puppies can be very quiet sometimes. [...]
Poor little Cocoa. She just wants to go to sleep but her 7 week old Chihuaha brother and sister keep [...]
Poor William, our 6 year old Maltese. William just wants to eat his bone, one of his favorite pastim [...]
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