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Three Chihuahuas meet a Shih-Tzu and its owner at Chiang Mai Smartheart Pet Show today (March 9), he [...]
ACW / UAKC International Dog Show- Long Haired Chihuahua [...]
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Crufts Dog show 2006 smooth coat chihuahua dog [...]
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Talent Show [...]
Ulster Chihuahua Club Ch. Show 2010 [...]
The Chihuahua Slide Show [...]
Utställningsträning med Elton hemma .. Det viktiga här är inte att få det perfekt. Det är att [...]
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"Exposição de Cães" "Show Dogs" "Show Dog" "Kennel Club" "Dog Show" "Royal Canin""Best In Show (f [...]